Ford / Transportation

Far beyond the automotive sector


The future they wanted

To be perceived as an innovative brand, connected to a premium lifestyle and developing technology in Brazil.


The future we delivered

A real boost on brand’s presence – in technology, lifestyle and innovation editorials – far beyond the traditional automotive publications. We produced events, expanded relationships and tripled spontaneous mentions in the press and among digital influencers.

  • 72m

    in reach on lifestyle publications

  • 138m+

    impressions on technology channels

  • 40+

    YouTube videos about the brand


How we did it

First, we mapped potential media outlets and influencers in the technology and lifestyle segments with no previous connection to the brand, expanding our mailing list with a focus on generating spontaneous media.

Next, based on data, we created a new ecosystem of interactions – through the press, events, press trips and other relationship actions – such as a car loan programme – promoting the brand to new audiences.

Finally, we encouraged journalists and opinion formers who didn’t specialise in the automotive segment to talk about cars from a technological perspective, connecting Ford to themes such as gastronomy, travel and lifestyle.