Equinix / Enterprise

Bringing purpose to brand socials through data and insights


The future they wanted

A cleaner, more structured presence for the brand across social media in the EMEA region that played a strategic role in supporting corporate comms and marketing efforts.


The future we delivered

A renewed social strategy, informed by data and insights, that let Equinix show up on social with more purpose and objective.

  • 88%

    reduction in posts sent across the profiles

  • 1,649%

    cumulative increase in avg. impressions per post

  • 1,826%

    cumulative increase in avg. engagements per post

  • 1

    unified Social Media team that took pride in ownership


How we did it

First, we conducted a full audit of Equinix’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles over a 12-month period for a comprehensive view of Equinix’s existing social footprint and to understand the relationship between inputs and outputs.

Next, we introduced a tailored social strategy encompassing content, execution, performance, and measurement based on the audit findings that outlined the drivers of social and business impact, as well as key insights into each market’s social presence and audience demographics.

Finally, with a refreshed, dedicated strategy and reporting process in place, AxiCom transitioned to become Equinix’s retained agency for Social Media Management, responsible for implementing the strategy as an extension of their EMEA Social Media team – supporting both organic social management and paid social media campaign management.