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How to Choose a PR Agency

three must haves

Choosing a PR agency is a lot like choosing a partner. And there’s no reason to settle. You should be aiming for that Beyonce-Jay Z level of power couple.  

You should get along with them (and have enough in common to overcome minor disagreements). They should bring the best out of you and come with the approval of your friends (and rivals). And, like Beyonce and Jay Z, a few awards always helps.  

Here are three important questions to ask to make sure you pair with your perfect PR agency…and why AxiCom should be a guaranteed match every time.  


Expertise in what they do

A PR agency should be able to justify the price they charge and ensure their rate card costing lines up with what they deliver. Ultimately, that means achieving KPIs that can range from everything from quality media coverage to brand uplift or social engagement. 

AxiCom has a proven track record of producing award-winning campaigns for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. It’s why we were a 2022 finalist in Provoke’s Global Technology Agency of the Year and were named their 2022 EMEA Technology Consultancy of the Year. Most recently, we have had 10 client campaigns nominated for the 2023 Provoke Sabre EMEA awards – including a global launch of a sustainability service, and brand uplift in the podcasting space in Spain. 

For us, creating eye-catching work comes down to breaking new ground. In 2023 alone, we’ve been involved in several firsts, including a remote drone photoshoot and a CES report that combined the power of AI with good old-fashioned journalism to get people talking.  


Is the way you work a match with theirs? Do you follow the same company values? Are you secretly jealous of the vibes when you visit their offices? You’ll be working closely with this group of people, so their culture is important to consider.  

At AxiCom, our culture saw us win Provoke’s Best Place to Work award three years on the spin. How did we reach Michael Jordan levels of success? By introducing an intelligent way of working that is truly unique in agency land and is based on empowering our people.  


Want a cheat code for working out if an agency is right for you? Take a look at the businesses and brands they already work with. If you find an impressive and eclectic list of clients (including names you admire) then you’re on to a winner.