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We are the full-service communications agency for tech brands and brands with a tech story.

In today’s world of shrinking newsrooms and dwindling trust, it is more important than ever to precisely target and land the right story at the right time in order to mobilize around audiences.

At AxiCom, we have two secret weapons that enable us to do just that – our Axis planning tool and the AxiCom Culture Engine. Our unique approach roots our strategy in a deep understanding of audience, brand, and the cultural and technological landscapes.

When we put those tools in the hands of our data scientists, creative kings and queens, writers, producers, technologists, and account leaders, that’s where the magic happens. Allowing us to help our clients earn their place in the conversations that matter most by tapping into the services that meet your needs.

It’s how we’ve delivered nearly thirty years of top-tier PR results for cutting-edge startups, Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in between.