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At AxiCom, our “tech rebel” attitude runs through everything, including our work with tech brands and brands with a tech story to tell. We combine our bold, nonconformist attitude with a deep understanding and passion for a range of technology sectors built over almost three decades. All in pursuit of our vision to help world-changing organisations solve the planet’s biggest problems to advance business, people, and society.

We care about how technology and innovations are changing culture, and the future. And we pride ourselves in creating award-winning work that tells these world-changing stories. Stirring emotions, awakening imaginations, and inspiring audiences, to help brands stand out, get noticed and make a difference.   

Our work spans tech sectors from AI to Cloud, and Quantum to Crypto, campaign platforms, from WeChat to LinkedIn, and global markets from San Francisco to Stockholm.  We think our work speaks for itself. So we’ll let it do just that.

Client Experience