Safety and Training with Technology

Tobii Pro

Improving worker safety and performance by driving awareness of eye-tracking technology and its applications in the workplace

Seeking to promote eye tracking as a training and assessment tool and reach potential new customers, Tobii Pro sought AxiCom U.S. (formerly North of Nine Communications) to design a communications program that demonstrated both the need for and the benefits of their eye-tracking technology and complementary consultancy services.
AxiCom U.S., with Tobii Pro, brought its technology to life through a real-life use case – eye-tracking of workers at a metal foundry. The study’s findings revealed insights used to develop a suite of content, including a report, video and news announcement. These materials, which highlighted how technology reduced the risk of accidents and drove efficiencies in training for the foundry, were amplified through media outreach, sales enablement and social media.
Through a targeted media strategy, including an exclusive curtain-raiser and pre-briefings, the team secured print and online coverage in technology press as well as key industry trades.

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