Uncovering the Cyber Threat of A-Level Results Day


Working with client Proofpoint, AxiCom uncovered that the UK’s top universities were leaving thousands of students at risk of email fraud attacks. Ahead of A-level results day, AxiCom blew the whistle.

With the shocking finding, the objective was to achieve widespread national media coverage and drive associated visibility for Proofpoint. Timing was also crucial as the revelation came two weeks before results day. AxiCom had to move fast to inform the thousands of students who were at risk of fraudulent email attacks.

Due to the large portion of the UK population at risk of this cyber threat, the news was to be treated as a public service announcement.

Targeting national media, AxiCom combined timeliness and emotive storytelling, while translating the complex technology behind the cybersecurity threat.

From the conception of the idea and desk research to targeted pitching to media, AxiCom was responsible for the implementation and execution of the campaign.

In total, 180 articles in national and regional media were secured across the UK in 24 hours, in the likes of The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Mirror, and Mail on Sunday.

AxiCom also secured top tier media briefings with a Proofpoint executive during his visit to London with outlets including The Telegraph, Press Association and Reuters.

“From start to finish, this has been flawlessly executed...This is hands down the most successful analytical thought leadership piece we have ever done.”
Estelle Derouet, Senior Director, International Corporate Communications, Proofpoint

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