Re-defining an approach to PR measurement


To help Lexmark better demonstrate the value and effectiveness of its communications programme, AxiCom built the team a bespoke data-driven reporting system.

Lexmark’s existing reporting process was based on coverage volume KPIs, which made it difficult for the central marketing team to identify the most valuable pieces of PR work globally. Operating a PR programme across 12 countries, the legacy approach didn’t consider the very different media landscapes across each of those markets.

AxiCom’s challenge was to help Lexmark better demonstrate value and communicate effectiveness of its communications programme.

AxiCom built a bespoke scoring system for press coverage, with higher scores designed to be awarded to the work that supported Lexmark’s broader business objectives.

A simple and secure online form was created for submitting results, with each team selecting a series of tick boxes designed to automatically calculate a score for each piece of work. AxiCom then linked this into a bespoke dashboard built on Microsoft PowerBI.

Reporting accuracy has increased, and key stakeholders across the Lexmark business can quickly and easily access global campaign and country performance across any timeline of their choosing.

The automated process has also reduced reporting time across the account, meaning more time can be dedicated to delivering future high-quality PR campaigns.

“The new measurement system AxiCom developed has made our monthly reporting much more relevant. Our PR team is now confident when presenting results to Lexmark executives.”
Sherlyn Manson, Director of Global Communications, Lexmark

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