ebeam Technologies

Integrated PR and marketing campaign to establish ebeam Technologies’ innovative electron beam solutions within the print and packaging industry and drive a sustainable new business pipeline.

ebeam Technologies developed an innovative ink curing technology, but had low industry brand recognition. AxiCom was challenged to launch ebeam Technologies into the print and packaging market to drive lead intake through increased recognition amongst potential customers and partners and support for the business development team.

AxiCom devised an integrated campaign featuring an attractive new-build website, engaging owned and strategic social content, award entries and corporate thought leadership, whilst leveraging subject matter experts to promote ebeam as an expert in sustainable and cost-effective ink curing. Since the start of the campaign, AxiCom increased brand visibility with substantial coverage OTS (over 100M in 2017) and a consistent social presence, whilst raising the profile of ebeam’s BD team and increasing engagement on their posts by up to 500% through a mix of original and curated 3rd party content.

– 41 briefings with international media
– 200+ pieces of coverage
– Over 123 million in OTS
– on the prestigious 2017 Label Industry Award for Sustainability generating coverage and recognition in top tier press targets
– Secured inclusion in Industry Report from Smithers PIRA
– Facilitated Huffington Post coverage to increase visibility of ebeam’s innovation in terms of broader electron beam applications
– Drove engagement on corporate blog with over 860 views on new content pieces in 2017
– 5 SlideShares, 2 blog posts and close to 100 social posts crated for SMEs, which altogether amounted to up to 500% increase in social engagement

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