Our people are what

make us special

A community of individuals

We like authentic, creative, fun! We seek people as diverse as the broad range of skills that enrich our teams – from technical to digital to interpersonal to analytical. And we always look for three core qualities: intelligence, integrity, and initiative.

Intelligence translates to where IQ meets EI. Our people speak our clients’ languages, and know how to connect to their audiences.

Initiative means our people feel inspired to take the lead, think creatively, and go the extra mile to solve problems.

Integrity guarantees that our people do the right thing, as dependable colleagues and trusted partners.

We believe these are truly inclusive values, and anyone from any background can embody them.

In AxiCom’s 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Survey, almost 90% either agreed or strongly agreed that they feel included and respected at AxiCom. No-one disagreed.


A winning culture

Apparently, we’re also a hard bunch to shake off – we’ve always been proud of our industry-leading retention rates, of both clients and colleagues! Plus, our people’s responses recently lead to us winning PRovoke’s Best Agencies to Work For (EMEA 2020).

“I get to come into the office each day, genuinely excited about what I do and the people I work with.”

We’re more than a team – we’re a family that comes together whenever we’re needed. We truly want the best for each other, and will move mountains when it comes to supporting our people, and servicing our clients with their greatest challenges.

“AxiCom is a functional family – one that challenges you to be bigger and better every day, supports you as you shoot to reach your goals, and empowers you to re-aim if you don’t. Best of all, we make sure we laugh our way through both the best and worst days.”


A place to grow

No two people are the same, so no two career paths should be either. We know that. That’s why we love people who are driven to make a genuine impact – not just for our clients, but more importantly for their own personal and professional growth.

We also recognise that development is a two-way street, which is why we provide a quarterly review process and access to LinkedIn Learning, along with all the support, recommendations, and tools you need to achieve your ambitions.

 “AxiCom has a fantastic team spirit, with everyone being open to helping their colleagues anytime.”


Working intelligently

We are committed to our Intelligent Working initiative, which embraces flexible working principles and trust in our people to make work work for you, whoever you are, and whatever your circumstances.

We believe that working for a company that respects you back will provide the greatest satisfaction, help you perform your best work, and enjoy being a part of AxiCom.

“There is a genuinely compassionate atmosphere. The company and senior leadership team cares about staff and their families deeply.”


Together, a force

As we journey forward, we’re looking at how we can build on what we’ve got, push further and harder to bring in more diversity, and ensure we do everything we can to create and maintain a great workplace for all of our people.

That’s why every year we review our training, wellness, and benefits. Our people ask, we listen, and then sprinkle a little something special on top. Recent highlights include annual wellness weeks, industry talks, and Friday socials.

 “I would describe people at AxiCom as all being a unique part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes us who we are; everyone fits perfectly into place but they all have a unique picture, which when put in place makes the overall picture incredibly powerful.

We are all strong individuals, but together we’re a force.

We cannot wait for you to be a part of it all!