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Our mission is to deliver impactful, integrated communications for our clients that address real business objectives and engage the end customer. We strive to work with industry leaders and turn them into true champions in their sector, by combining creative energy with technology understanding, and an international mindsight with local market expertise.

"Every day is different and brings something new. From launching ground-breaking new technologies to reimagining industry stalwarts."

Kate Stevens
Managing Director, UK

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AxiCom reboots with new brand look and feel and all new website
This blog post was initially published on Richard's LinkedIn here. We've got a new look at AxiCom and, like a drastic...
This blog post was initially published on Richard's LinkedIn here. We've got a new look at AxiCom and, like a drastic new haircut, we love it! As an integrated technology communications agency, AxiCom today combines creative energy with business and tech understanding to make the most of innovation and new trends, and create stories with impact. We work with industry pioneers, fusing intelligence, integrity, and initiative to push the boundaries of the possible, and turn our clients into true technology heroes. Why Reboot? Taking our own advice, one of the first questions we ask our clients before any brand refresh is, why go to the time, trouble and expense? The reasons vary, of course, but the common thread is that they are never taken lightly. For us, it’s no different. As our broader client base continues to drive the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolutionthrough transformative technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and exponential improvements in data and storage capabilities, we have developed standard defining integrated offerings in industry analyst relations, content and digital. We also recognise the need to grow with the market and that new technologies and prospects require us to innovate our brand and narrative to stay fresh and energised in our client service and offerings. This year marks both the beginning of our 25th year of business and the tenth as part of the Cohn & Wolfe (itself part of WPP) family. Over the past decade AxiCom has grown to be one of Europe’s most successful and innovative European technology PR agencies. Our team is energised by this brand refresh – exactly what we need to help us maintain focus on continued growth and innovation for the next few years. Just over a year ago we have moved from Barnes, West London, our home for 13 years, to Paddington, the fast-growing hub for some of the most dynamic and powerful companies in the technology market. And when it comes to settling into any home, you need to get a feel for the place before you redecorate. In fact, the process of refreshing our look, feel and language started in mid-2017. It has been a consultative, collaborative process that’s taken place across our seven European offices. And while the process has taken a few months, our new look and feel does not represent a rebirth – more of a reboot. We continue to hold the core values that we’ve had since our founding as our compass because they continue to be what makes us unique. We believe in the transformative power of technology. We embrace new technologies and new ways of working, with a combination of experience and experimentation to create unique, measurable results. We push boundaries, and always strive to be better, being collaborative and competitive, in everything we do. The new look is a substantial departure from the long-standing AxiCom typeface and colour palette. We’re adopting a fresher, more energised, look and that truly differentiates us from the rest of the market. We’re proud of the clients we work with, the results we get for them and our friends and colleagues who make it happen. And we’re proud of the new Rebooted AxiCom! Richard White Managing Director, UK