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Driven by our collective vision to help world-changing organizations solve the planet’s biggest problems to advance business, people and society, our people are tech communications rebels with a cause. We show up differently to make a difference.

Executive Leadership

  • Matthew Lackie

    Matthew Lackie

    Global CEO

    Matt puts the global in Global CEO – delivering industry know-how and team-building credentials at every stop. 

  • Kate Stevens

    Kate Stevens

    President, Europe

    You might have preconceptions about how a European president with 20-odd years working in the tech comms industry might show up. You’ve clearly not met Kate.

  • Lisa Sullivan

    Lisa Sullivan

    President, Americas

    Lisa is fluent in the language of tech. And she uses it to start conversations, secure attention for brands, and connect a network of clients and colleagues stretching from London to San Francisco.  

  • Brian Snyder

    Brian Snyder

    Global President of Digital

    The one thing Brian knows more about than college football is digital. In a career spanning more than two decades, he has seen it all… and been involved in most of it.

  • Nick Head

    Nick Head

    Global Head of Client Services

    Nick has a knack for building quick connections and knowing what makes a great agency partner for clients. It’s why putting together client campaigns and agency teams that deliver comes naturally.

Market Leaders

  • Aaron Virola

    Aaron Virola

    Senior Vice President and General Manager, NY

    If pop culture and technology had a baby – it would be Aaron. He uses his inner child and nearly 20 years of comms experience to drive resonating and creative campaigns.

  • Adam Erlandsson 

    Adam Erlandsson 

    Managing Director, Sweden

    It’s a story as old as the industry – ex-journalist turned PR professional. Except Adam is anything but a cliché. AxiCom’s Nordics Country Manager thinks outside the box to help global industry leaders showcase local relevance.

  • Chiara Possenti

    Chiara Possenti

    Managing Director, Italy

    For 22 years and counting, Chiara’s boundless energy, coolness under pressure, and passion for innovation has been a driving force behind AxiCom’s Italy team.

  • François Gobillot

    François Gobillot

    Managing Director, France and Netherlands

    François connects the dots between teams and clients, between technology campaigns, society, and the media, to make sense of brand stories and make sure they make noise.

  • Martina Brembeck

    Martina Brembeck

    Managing Director, Germany

    Martina is one of those people that masters anything she puts her mind to. Lucky for us, she chose to bring brand narratives to life alongside ambulance driving and teaching laughter yoga.

  • Monica Gonzalez Ortín

    Monica Gonzalez Ortín

    Managing Director, Spain

    Monica’s mantra is ‘never give up.’ There isn’t a challenge too complex, an opportunity too big, or a request she will leave until tomorrow. Just ask any of AxiCom Spain’s clients.

  • Rosie Bannister

    Rosie Bannister

    Managing Director, UK

    As a mother of three, finding creative solutions is Rosie’s middle name. Well, it’s actually Rose (confusing much?). But that skill helps deliver team and client success every day.

Specialist Leaders

  • Mindy Nelson

    Mindy Nelson

    Senior Vice President of Earned Media

  • Jake Green

    Jake Green

    Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning

  • Tod Freeman

    Tod Freeman

    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications

  • Shannon Lawler

    Shannon Lawler

    Senior Vice President of Research and Analytics

    A trained librarian with the investigation skills of Sherlock Holmes, Shannon uses her passion for research and insights to find answers to difficult questions – and makes it look easy.

  • Graeme Anthony

    Graeme Anthony

    Creative Director

    Beard? Tattoos? French Bulldog? Graeme has everything you need to look like a creative director. Plus, close to 20 years of experience in the industry to back it up.

  • Asim Qureshi

    Asim Qureshi

    Director of Digital Services

    You won’t beat Asim to a new piece of tech. Trust us! This naturally inquisitive mind, combined with a background in traditional PR, makes our digital business in Europe stand out.

  • Maria Arbalova

    Maria Arbalova

    Director of Consumer Technology and Influencer Marketing

    PRWeek 30 under 30 and founder of our influencer practice, Maria specialises in predicting what clients, journalists, and the industry will need next. Then makes sure it’s meticulously executed in any scale necessary – whether it’s one or 97 countries.

  • Michal Nycz

    Michal Nycz

    Director of Public Policy

    Four languages, an MA, an MBA, and 10 years working in EU administration and politics mean Michal is well-placed as AxiCom’s Director of Public Affairs.

  • Christine Natividad

    Christine Natividad

    Senior Vice President, People and Operations, US

  • Stuart Springall

    Stuart Springall

    Head of People and Talent, EMEA