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Rios Rosas 26,

Where Collaboration and Creativity Combine

You can find the AxiCom Spain team creating compelling and award-winning campaigns at WPP’s La Matriz campus in the lively Rios Rosas area of the country’s capital.                                             

Ever since arriving in Madrid in 2005, the Spanish team has mixed experience with youthful exuberance, and innovative thinking with established market knowledge to serve clients across the country. The work being done echoes the cosmopolitan and creative surroundings of Ponzano Street, and benefits from collaboration with the other WPP agencies who share the six-floor La Matriz campus.

The Madrid office partners with future-focused brands, high-growth start-ups and world-class clients in their respective sectors. This includes IT, Artificial intelligence, media tech, consumer tech, fintech, edtech, sports technology (essentially, all the ‘techs’), cybersecurity, social apps, ecommerce, mobility, and much more.