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AxiCom dares to show up differently with bold global rebrand

7 December 2022

Tech specialist agency unveils a fresh look and feel to represent its role as communications rebels and industry experts.

In tandem with the new identity, AxiCom is launching proprietary new intellectual property designed to overcome the challenges facing modern marketing communications professionals. In a world of ad-blockers, commercial-skipping DVRs, a fragmented media landscape and dwindling trust, the ability to precisely target and land the right story has never been more important. The new tools include:

  • The Axis data-driven campaign process helps a brand revolve around its audience, earning attention and action through all relevant media channels. The Axis aggregates bespoke, brand-specific primary and secondary research across the ABC+T (Audience, Brand, Culture and Technology) to produce actionable insights that inform communications strategy and tactics. Read more about The Axis.

  • The AxiCom Culture Engine positions a brand at the intersection of media coverage and social conversation. A robust and modern tech stack including Brandwatch, NewsWhip, Muck Rack, Creator IQ, and Onalytica informs and enables the human analysis and creativity of AxiCom team members around the world. Through the Culture Engine, AxiCom spots and activates opportunities to build relationships with journalists and creators; join relevant social conversations; create and distribute timely, relevant content; mitigate issues before they become crises; and uncover actionable insights that inform business operations.

Driving these new offerings is AxiCom’s world-class creative, analytics, research, digital, and strategy (CARDS) team that blends data and creativity, art with science, tech experience and expertise. The new offerings complement and supercharge AxiCom’s unparalleled network of contacts across tier-one publications to tell a brand’s story where and when it matters.

Matt Lackie, AxiCom Global CEO, said:

“In technology, progress is always iterative or explosive. Our new brand story is our own breakthrough moment – uniting our global forces behind a new vision to deliver even more breakthrough work for our clients. We take pride in helping clients step out of the sea of sameness, and our new identity and vision – which aims to challenge the industry status quo and champion our tech expertise, local mindset and entrepreneurial roots – help us do the same.”

Kate Stevens, AxiCom President, Europe, said:

“We are bringing AxiCom’s personality to life by evolving how we walk, talk and look. This refresh was a collaborative effort across our regional offices; who better to help articulate who we are and what we do than our own people who live and breathe our story and our business every day? Since it was established in 1994, AxiCom has been a place where people come to learn, grow and innovate. This reputation for innovation builds trust for our clients with financial markets, inspires employees and instills confidence in us from partners. Ultimately, our broad platform helps clients of all shapes, sizes, and specialties flex their innovation muscles.”