Launching into Italy


Announcing the launch of Italian operations for Nasdaq-listed cybersecurity leader Proofpoint.

Proofpoint had been active in the Italian market via distributors, offering security solutions across email, mobile and social channels. With a local team now established in Italy, Proofpoint was keen to position them as subject-matter experts to the regional media and kick off on going relationships with key reporters.
AxiCom surveyed relevant media to understand who already knew Proofpoint or had covered related topics in the past. A preliminary client meeting was arranged, including a media training session for the local spokesperson, who had had limited media exposure. Key journalists were invited to meet company representatives for an update on corporate strategies and an overview of the current cybersecurity landscape in Italy. Follow-up actions, including broadcast activities, were implemented after the event.
- 7 key journalists attended the event
- 6 articles were generated from the briefing. 2 additional interviews were organised (one with a national broadcaster)
- 1 bylined article was pitched and published as follow-up
- 1 dedicated media training session (including broadcast) was completed.

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