Culture is key, and our

people are king

We don’t follow the norm when hiring, we like different, creative, fun! Whatever the case, we do look for three key things: Intelligence. Integrity. Initiative.

“I get to the end of the day without even realising, I never get bored” – Max

No two people are the same, so no two career paths should be either. We know that. We encourage initiative from all quarters of our business and love people who are driven and want to make a genuine impact – not just for our clients but more importantly for their own personal and professional development.

“I think there is great professionalism in AxiCom, at all levels. And even if we are focused on results, the atmosphere is informal and fun” – Silvia

Whilst we do know a thing or two, we don’t know it all…yet! Every year we review our training, wellness and benefits, and we don’t do this in a bubble. Our people ask, we listen and then sprinkle a little something special on top. Over the last year, we have introduced a new wellness initiative which we plan to grow in 2018 and beyond.  Just some of our highlights over the past year, include fitness boot camps, tailored training – as part of the Challenge 40 initiative, desk massages, manicures, FIFA tournaments, complimentary time for Charity work, Dodgeball, Friday bar nights, industry talks and some impressive fundraising (a large portion of which featured cake… baking AND eating!)

“Working at Axicom is a particulalry stimulating experience. Customers, technologies, communication tools: every day there is something new to learn and love”. – Sandro