Auditing industry analysts


Gauge industry analysts’ perception, understanding and knowledge of Orange’s strategy and tactics.

As a large multinational telecommunications corporation, Orange has a well-established analyst relations programme that operates at a global level. The AxiCom AR team was challenged with researching and measuring how this influential community viewed the Orange business and its place in the broader industry - today and in the future.
The AxiCom AR team created a custom audit questionnaire – collaborating with the Orange AR team to craft a questionnaire which was both easy to answer and illuminating. Using a combination of interviews and online surveys, the audit engaged 45 analysts from eight firms across the globe – accruing 820 data points in qualitative and quantitative feedback.
The result? A robust analysis of the Orange business from the perspective of the analyst community. Analysts provided feedback on Orange’s strategy, approach, threats and opportunities as well the effectiveness of the analyst relations programme - all of which combined in a digestible, business-ready presentation.

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