Power of modern

LzLabs Gartner Expo

An integrated campaign to promote the LzLabs’ Software Defined Mainframe and drive leads for the sales team in the lead up to 2017 Barcelona Gartner Expo.

AxiCom was tasked with reaching IT decision makers in the lead up to 2017 Barcelona Gartner Expo, and to educate them on the ways in which LzLabs is disrupting the traditional mainframe landscape, leveraging existing partnerships to build up LzLabs’ status and credibility in the market.
Cloud, open source and x86 were identified as key topics to help drive the conversation around the importance of innovation in the mainframe industry. These were combined to create the ‘Power of Modern’ content campaign. In partnership with LzLabs, AxiCom created a microsite built on HubSpot, which acted as a content hub and a lead generation tool. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content ensured the messages were targeted at IT decision makers and mainframe professionals. HubSpot was leveraged as a platform to create prospect workflows, which ensured constant engagement through email, social media, and sales outreach.
- 10% increase in mentions of LzLabs on social media in user generated content
- 26% increase in website visits for LzLabs.com
- 174 downloads from 152 leads
- 11 companies with prospects downloading the Power of Modern assets met with LzLabs at the 2017 Barcelona Gartner Expo Gartner Expo

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