Faster than all flash


Launch of an innovative marketing campaign for B2B storage provider Infinidat. The campaign challenged customers to test out Infinidat’s storage architecture (“Faster than all flash”).

As Infinidat had just started marketing activities in Germany, the challenge was to bring the company’s message to a top tier storage audience that had heard of the company before, but was not particularly familiar with it.
AxiCom accompanied Infinidat’s marketing campaign by developing supporting PR materials. The news was pitched under embargo to key German B2B storage press. At that time storage media was heavily focused on the ‘all-flash’ trend, so AxiCom developed the “anti” message – all flash is not everything – which resonated well with sceptical B2B editors. The distributed press release linked directly to the German campaign website and all quality coverage pieces included the campaign link.
- 8 quality coverage pieces in leading B2B storage publications
- 15+ pieces of general coverage resulting from campaign press release
- Press briefings at a Storage show with linked YouTube video
- Parallel tweets and LinkedIn posts on the German social media channels
- Campaign topic as continuous momentum angle for ongoing PR activities.

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