Mapping the future


Pave the way to transform leading map technologies maker for the automotive industry HERE into a larger, Open Location Platform and Cloud provider.

With a strong legacy in map technology (as Navteq, Nokia Maps, then Microsoft Maps), HERE worked with AxiCom to become known as a leading map provider for the autonomous driving industry, and beyond, to promote its Reality Index technology, explaining why and how geographic information would become a key component of the digital era as a whole.
Starting with Paris Motor Show PR support, the outreach progressively scaled up to embrace the broader cause of location-based services across many industries, from telecoms to media and retail. Using tactical activities such as briefings with an extensive number of automotive media, AxiCom’s work with HERE goes as far as rolling out full thought leadership campaigns based on brand content about the “new dimensions” of the digital maps.
With large broadcast and business press opportunities, as well as placement of the spokesperson on industry panels and conferences, HERE has become progressively established as a go-to company for autonomous-driving, and the enabler for an autonomous world for everyone. The agency maintains a steady engagement with media to ensure each announcement is relayed as part of the larger business purpose, delivering a high amount of interactions with media and a consistent media visibility.

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