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Enterprise IT Software

AxiCom supports internationally renowned enterprise IT software company’s internal communications with the management and creation of a monthly newsletter to employees across EMEA.

The client has over 10,000 employees worldwide, a significant proportion of whom work at one of over 30 EMEA-based offices or are remote workers across the region. Ensuring employees are informed about the business and invested personally in the company is the challenge faced by the firm’s EMEA Internal Communications team.
To help the client tell its own stories to its own people, AxiCom manages the content flow of a monthly newsletter. AxiCom reaches out to a contributor network at the start of each month. Submissions for consideration are managed by AxiCom in partnership with the client. With stories agreed, AxiCom’s writers create newsletter copy linking to existing published material, and work with the client to write original pieces as required.
- Since its launch the newsletter has met its primary goal of ensuring communities across multiple sites are being kept informed of and updated on company news, successes and initiatives, promoting inclusiveness across the region.
- Over 100 internal communications success stories were shared via the newsletter during its first year in operation.

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