Setting the pulse racing

Top Doctors

Position Top Doctors as the “go for comment” company for lifestyle media when it comes to health and medicine.

Lifestyle media in Spain addresses a wide variety of different audience segments. Content contributions are sourced from an equally wide variety of professionals, from inhouse editors to agencies and freelance writers. AxiCom was challenged with making Top Doctors relevant for that audience, using the company’s extensive content base.
To help make Top Doctors a relevant source for lifestyle media, AxiCom launched a newsletter for press, summarising relevant topics from the company’s extensive content library, written by health professionals and curated by an internal team of health communicators. It was key to draw the attention of media to how Top Doctors and its medical practitioner network could help them in the wide range of topics that they cover.
● Closer relationships with key lifestyle and health journalists established. Top Doctors has achieved hundreds of pieces of coverage with key media as a result of this communication tool. ● Prestigous lifestyle media such as Vogue, Telva, Mia, Semana, SModa have all covered TopDoctors

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