Digital transformation area

Estrella Galicia - THE HOP

Helping Estrella Galicia to show the key pillars of its Digital Transformation plan.

AxiCom was tasked with helping Estrella Galicia to show the  key pillars of its Digital Transformation plan and to widen its reach to the younger generation of consumers and through expanding its reach on Digital Transformation and Innovation influencers, media and events. In the same way, Axicom heped to attract innovative startups that could match with the different areas of EG value chain (logistics, product, Big Data, etc.)
Transmiting the values of EG digital transformation plan and leveraging on the first hit of its strategy the first corporate entrepreneurship program THE HOP powered by EG to increase awareness. This way, AxiCom organized and boost the awards event, undertaking Media and influencers relations towards innovative, digital transformation and related areas, positioning speakers on those industry events that helps associate the brand with innovative and digital transformation ecosystem and generating news contents around the different stages of the program.
More than 300 articles accross the target media in 6 months, 423 startups registered in the program, 185 projects presented to the awards, more than 25 journalists attended the awards ceremony in Santiago de Compostela.

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