Disruptive urban mobility arrives in Spain with car2go


Launching successfully a disruptive urban mobility model with Car2go

Introducing, launching and positioning car2go in Spain

To position the company as the unquestionable reference in innovation and disruption creating a new form of mobility in the city

Educating about flexible car sharing, explaining the advantages of this form of mobility for different audiences: users, cities, etc. and making the brand part of a "way of life"

To position the company's experts as a reference of value in their different areas of expertise
Organization of the company's launch event in Spain

Development of ongoing communication activities covering the areas of media relations and influencers, participation in industry events, social media and issue and crisis management
Impressive attendance of media, institutions and sector to the launch event. The information obtains a massive repercussion in media and social media

The ongoing activity reports hundreds of media impacts, buzz in social media, engagement with influencers and presence in the most relevant forums every year

car2go achieves unprecedented notoriety and the work in Spain is valued by the company as the most successful communication campaign in Europe

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