99.3% of the population owns a TV, 82% has internet access, 96.7% has mobile phone, and 77% has a personal computer.

AxiCom Spain

Founded in 2007, the Spanish office gives today national and international coverage to disruptive, innovative companies, either global consolidated players or start-ups looking for brand differentiation, with independence of its business trade. Our client roster is a mix of multinational and national companies -with around 40% based in Madrid, 40% based in Barcelona and the rest in other locations.

Our main focus is client satisfaction, building long term relationships based in a honest, trustworthy attitude, providing measurable, checkable results.

Monica Gonzalez
Managing Director, Spain

Our Vision

We are proud of our entrepreneurial roots and passionate about championing technology for our clients.

Integrated communications is changing our industry – for the better. Stakeholders, clients and internal audiences consume information through different channels. To reach customers requires the right combination of experience and experimentation. We deliver insight-led campaigns that are designed to engage with those influencers that are shaping customers’ behaviour and thinking.

The companies that win in their market are those that demand high commercial growth and recognise the need to maintain a competitive advantage. Our talented team draws on broad collective experience and a thirst for new possibilities, to create integrated campaigns that support technology businesses to successfully reach real business objectives. Experience shows that the best way to do this for our clients is by staying true to our values. We are proud of our entrepreneurial roots and are passionate about championing technology. We believe in challenging the status quo while respecting all opinions. We always ask ‘what’s next?’ and go the extra mile. Our aim is to win – for ourselves and our clients.

Our Experience

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